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Planet-Friendly Pet Products™

At Organikat we embrace altruism. We’re socially-aware green capitalists who love cats. Nothing wrong with that in our book. And while this kind of philosophy may be rare in today’s business environment, not too long ago in human history we were beating each other up with sticks. So, since the evolution of business sensibilities may be a tad slow in today’s world, we’re happy to be early adopters. The heck with Darwin.

Organikat promotes the organic lifestyle and joyfully brings that lifestyle not only to our kids (oops, we meant kitties), but cats everywhere. Someone has to do it, right? So why not us? Up with anthropomorphism.

Additionally, Organikat donates 5% of after-tax profits to such worthy causes as pet adoption services, spaying/neutering efforts, and no-kill animal shelters. Sad kitties make us sad too. So, not only do our products support the health and well-being of your cats, they also support cats and other animals who aren’t as fortunate